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Supporting Businesses in Greeley and Beyond in Corporate Legal Matters

Seasoned business formation, operation and transaction attorneys guiding Northern Colorado companies

Since 1965, businesses in the Greeley, CO area have turned to Witwer, Oldenburg, Barry & Groom, LLP for their legal needs. Our attorneys have a broad knowledge of business law that Colorado’s companies seek when looking to meet business planning goals, maximize profits and ensure future success. We handle a wide range of common corporate legal matters that arise on a regular basis, from entity selection and employment to commercial contract disputes and property acquisition.

Educated support for Colorado entrepreneurs and investors

Formation and selection of an entity may seem simple, but it really is much more complex than simply filling out a form online. With a myriad of choices in Colorado and options for foreign entities to do business here — Colorado is ranked first in the United States for growth in the startup jobs sector, according to StartUpHire 2012. Clients turn to Witwer, Oldenburg, Barry & Groom, LLP for legal counsel to support their growth and profitability. Lawyers at our firm can assist with selecting the best entity type for your business as well as prepare LLC operating agreements and other documents, including:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Corporate minutes and documentation
  • Buy/sell agreements

In addition to company formation and entity selection, our attorneys assist in the purchase and sales of large and small businesses, providing due diligence review of the transaction and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Our goal is to be integral members of your trusted team and know your business from the inside out, whether you’re purchasing commercial property or making your first corporate acquisition.

Employment and commercial disputes and real property disagreements in Greeley

Unfortunately, not every business transaction goes perfectly, whether for commercial property purchases or contract disputes. Witwer, Oldenburg, Barry & Groom, LLP provides a range of dispute resolution services and representation for businesses:

  • UCC matters
  • Real estate foreclosures and quiet title actions
  • Injunctive relief
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder freeze-out actions
  • Creditors’ rights and remedies
  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Employment defense
  • Purchase and sale disputes

We also provide a full range of employer-focused employment law services, assisting employers in Greeley and throughout the state with:

  • Employment contracts
  • Personnel policies
  • Termination procedures
  • Non-discrimination policies
  • Employee manuals
  • Management and operations policies
  • Harassment and discrimination defense
  • Wage claims and whistle-blower complaints

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